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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Truck Driving

truck driver
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Here in the Philippines, truck driving has been a common source of employment for Filipinos that have not completed college. Usually, Filipinos who ends up to be truck drivers are the ones who have been not successful on their academic years. It is an odd job for someone who have completed college but ended up driving the humongous vehicles. Like my auntie said, this is in contrary of what they are gaining in the US which prompted me to search for their pros and cons.

Pros of Truck Driving:


In the U.S. almost 70% of the goods are delivered all over the country via trucks. With these, many companies are on a look out to find truck drivers who are skilled and willing to work for them for long hour drives. To give them a work’s worth, companies compensate them well. In comparison with other jobs, truck drivers are earning more than those who worked on offices and finished college courses in the US.


If you would be riding a bus from Manila going to Ilocos Norte, Philippines it usually takes 10 hours travel. For the whole duration of the travel, my butt feels numb while feeling very sleepy at times. Image if you are the one who is driving that bus. How would you feel? I think that this is comparable to what drivers of trucking businesses in the Philippines are experiencing but they are enduring stress for much longer hours.

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So, to make up for this stressful job, trucking companies give benefits which include health and medical insurance, travel accommodation discounts, high speed wireless network(free) and marriage counseling(free).


Working in the office usually gets boring with the non-changing environment. Everyday you’ll get to see the same room, wall, pantry but if you are a truck driver you will get to see different sceneries.



By being a truck driver, the job would be repetitive especially if you would be a local truck driver. But for me, it would not be a problem at all because it would mean that you’ll get monitor with your family. It’s a perk but could be a hassle to some.

Long Hour Drives

Like I’ve said, long hour drives would be the hard part of being a truck driver. With these, you’ll be missing some of the important events in the family. You’ll also miss hanging out with your friends.


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